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Frequently Asked Questions

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You may contact 4HELP at 231-HELP (4357) from off-campus, 4-HELP (4357) from on-campus, or you may submit a support ticket online.

  • Calling Cards
    • How do I get International Calling Capability added to my calling card so I can make international calls?
    • What do I do if I encounter difficulties placing a call from an overseas location?
    • How do I get a new card?
  • Cable TV on campus
    • Where would I find Virginia Tech's cable TV listings?
    • Is there any way to add stations to the VT cable TV lineup?
    • The quality of the cable reception on campus is poor. Is there anything you can do about it?
  • Billing
    • How long should the University keep billing records?
    • How do I change my billing address?
    • Is there any way to check the balance on the phone bill that will be distributed next month?
    • I have a question about my bill. Who should I contact?
  • General Network and Connectivity
    • General Network Questions
    • Modem Pool
    • Network Adapters
    • Servers and Listservs
    • E-mail
  • Telephones
    • My phone doesn't seem to be working, how can I get it fixed?
    • How do I make long distance calls from campus?
    • What are Virginia Tech's long distance rates?
    • What are Virginia Tech's international calling rates?
  • Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR)
    • Can multiple service requests be made with a single ICR?
      • Yes, so long as all services listed in the single ICR are paid via the same Customer Account Number (CAN)
    • What is the Username and Password for the ICR?
      • Users who have been registered will use their PID and PID password.
      • Need to register for submitting ICRs? Complete and Return the ICR Authorization Form
    • When will the ICR actually be submitted on-line?
      • Work requested by an ICR cannot be scheduled until the signed form is received (either paper, fax, or PDF).
    • Do I always need to put something in the Order Description box?
      • No. This box should be used for brief remarks that identify related ICRs for a given project or that clarify what’s being ordered.
    • Why do I get a message that says the page can't be displayed?
      • There may be a brief problem with your network connection or with the Customer OnLine Access (COLA) server. Refresh your browser and try again. If it repeats, contact 4Help via or call 540-231-4357.
    • Where do I find the ICR form?
    • Is the ICR stored electronically?
      • Yes.
  • Abuse of the Network and Security
  • Copyright
    • What are the most common types of copyright infringement?
    • How is someone notified when they have violated copyright?
    • What happens after users are contacted by CNS
    • What aree the possible "sanctions" for violating copyright with respect to the university?
    • How can users avoid unknowingly violating copyright?
    • Where an I find more copyright information regarding "electronic" works?
    • Just how much trouble can a person get into over copyright infringement?

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