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Q. What affects in-building coverage?

A. In-building coverage is affected by the construction material of the walls, proximity to the carrier's cell site and the user's location in the building.


Q. What about international coverage?

A. Wireless systems in the United States use two main types of radio technology: CDMA (code division multiple access) and GSM (global system for mobile communication). A cell phone made to work on a CDMA network will not work on a GSM network. GSM has been adopted widely around the world (Europe, Africa and Asia, for example) and CDMA is in use in North America, Latin America, many Caribbean locations and some Asian countries.

If you anticipate more than occasional international usage, please contact CNS to discuss the selection of a carrier, phones that operate on multiple frequencies, or the use of hybrid CDMA/GSM handsets.

Phone rental is also available through CNS for occasional international travelers.


Q. What is the difference between bundled and separate service plans?

A. Bundled service plans are available through certain service providers to provide both data and voice options at a discounted price. However, there are fewer options available in number of minutes, amount of data usage, etc.

Separate service plans allow the user to select exactly what they need from a list of available voice and data options.


Q. What are my options for connecting to a secure mail server?

A. There are currently two options for connecting to a secure mail server. If the user has a Windows Mobile ® based phone, they can gain access through that device. The other option is using the Goodlink service, available through contacting Customer Support Services at 231-6460.


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