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Communications Network Services (CNS) is pleased to provide a variety of cellular service providers, a selection of phones and a wide variety of service plans ranging from basic "pay as you go" arrangements to bundled voice and data packages or broadband data cards. Service providers available through CNS offer in-state service options or nationwide coverage; international options are also available.

Options for equipment and accessories are available through the service provider. Pricing, availability and features may not be available as listed.

Each service provider has different strengths and weaknesses in its coverage. When considering which service provider to use, it is important to consider both the service options and the area in which the service will be used most often.

Please contact CNS Customer Support Services at 540-231-6460 for pricing and ordering options.

Available Service Types

Voice only service provides the user with basic voice service in the selected calling area. Voice options include text messaging packages, but cannot be used for any web applicaitons - including email.

Voice and Data
Voice and data is the type of service generally used for smart-phones. This service has both voice options, and data (web browsing) options. Text messaging is also included in this package.

Aircard, or mobile-broadband, service is used to connect a computer or other device to the internet from any location.

University Mobile Computing Device (MCD) Policy

A new university policy for mobile communication devices (MCD) was effective March 8, 2016. The MCD policy provides guidance and establishes parameters regarding the issuance and usage of mobile communication devices and services in the conduct of university business. Under this new policy, the university will continue to accommodate employees who have a demonstrated business need for a mobile communication device by issuing a university-provided device and service plan. The MCD policy also establishes a second option to meet this business need by granting a non-taxable allowance to reimburse employees for the business use portion of their personal device and service plan. Employees must meet at least one of the eligibility requirements, as outlined in the policy, for issuance of a device and service plan or granting of an allowance. The respective department head must approve such eligibility and choice of option.

Multiple resources have been developed in order to assist in a streamlined implementation of the MCD policy and associated procedures. These include:

Additional questions about compliance with the MCD can be directed to

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