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Ordering Process

To start the order process, please contact your departmental Communications Liaison to submit an ICR (Interdepartmental Communications Request).

There are links on how to place an order at the COLA web site under 'Help' located at the top right of each page. If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Support Services at 540-231-6460.

The equipment will be obtained directly from the service provider and delivered to you via FedEx/UPS. If you have one of the VT In-State Only plans, your cellular device will ship to you directly within 15 days. If you have a Verizon VZW plan, your Cellular Device will ship to our warehouse, then dropped at Student Network Services in the Student Services Building. You will receive a call and an email when it is ready to be picked up.

Monthly recurring charges, a Universal Service Fund fee, and call detail will appear on the wireless section of your regular CNS bill. An order processing charge of $18.50 will appear on the CNS bill.

What you need to start

ICR details

When creating a new ICR, select Cellular on the service page. Please indicate what plan you are ordering and which equipment and accessory option you desire: "Cellular telephone service for (Subscriber Name), Plan Name (for example: VT 600), with a Phone Make and Model (for example: Motorola V60)."

User Information

Please provide the subscriber's address, County or Town and Zip Code, your Department number, Customer Account Number or Banner Fund, and where the cellular phone should be delivered. The address provided must be an approved UPS-FedEx deliverable business address, not building and room number.

Billing Information

For a breakdown of call types that will appear on a cellular bill, click here.

University Mobile Computing Device (MCD) Policy

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