Communications Service Network

Can multiple service requests be made with a single ICR?

Yes. The Customer On-Line Access (COLA) Application ICR can handle multiple orders, as long as the orders are covered under the same Banner/Dept Fund and CAN. Please contact the CNS Customer Support Services Team at 231-6460 (1-6460 on campus) for additional information, or see the available help videos on the COLA web site.

What is the Username and Password for the ICR?

COLA does not have a shared username and password for a department. Your unversity PID and Passoword are used as identifiers. If you do not have access to the ICR tool, or to the correct department, please fill out this form and submit it to Customer Support Services.

When will the ICR actually be submitted on-line?

Communications Liaisons will be kept apprised of its development. At this time, however, ICRs received without an authorized signature will not be processed.

Do I always need to put something in the Order Description box?

No. The Order Description Box is to elaborate unique or particular circumstances associated with a service request.

Where do I find the ICR form?

The ICR tool resides inside of COLA, and can be found at

Is the ICR stored electronically?

Yes. ICRs are stored online in 'Draft' form until submitted to Customer Support Services. You can save orders for later completion at any time in the process to access them at a later time.

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