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Remote Access - VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Communications Network Services (CNS) offers Remote Access - VPN independently or as a bundled service with the Virginia Tech wireless network or with wired ethernet service. To connect to the Remote Access - VPN service, you must be subscribed to one of those services.

Remote Access - VPN service requires an active Student, Faculty, or Staff affiliation. VPN service is not available to retirees, alumni, or guests.

Use of the Remote Access - VPN requires a Network Password. Your network password is different from your PID password. Create or change your network password if you do not know it.

Remote Access - VPN configuration instructions and installers

More information is avaible on the Remote Access - VPN page in the IT Service Catalog.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection provides you with an IP address as if you are on the Blacksburg campus, which allows you to access Virginia Tech services that are restricted from off-campus networks. The VPN does not encrypt traffic end-to-end between the client and the resource being accessed.

Users attempting to access Virginia Tech resources that are not on the Blacksburg campus, such as Northern Virginia resources, should use the "All traffic over VPN" profile.

Should you have additional questions about Remote Access - VPN service or need assistance with configuring your computer, please contact your department's Network Liaison. If you need assistance with your home computer, for faster, more convenient 4help service, try completing a request for assistance on the Web at A consultant may also be contacted by calling 231-HELP.

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