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Portal Association

You have received an email indicating that your Communications Liaison has assigned your name and pid to your primary desktop portal. What does it all mean? Here's what you need to know about portal association.

What is a portal exactly? From your computer's Ethernet card, an Ethernet cable is plugged into a wall network (orange) jack. The box on the wall, where the jack is located, is referred to as your telecom portal. This is your connection to the Internet using Virginia Tech's high speed campus network. That portal is your gateway to the university's network and the Internet.

What is the portal number? The number provided to you indicates your specific access point. The typical configuration will indicate the room number, the letters TP (Telecommunications Portal) or CA (Communications A)and the portal number within that room. In many cases, these numbers are also indicated on the box where the jack is located.

Why is CNS associating a user with the portal number of their primary network connection? We are asking for this information as part of our planning efforts to help ensure the future networking needs of the university community are met, and to help us enhance management of the university telecommunications network.

In addition, if you are a wireless LAN user, this information helps us to ensure that your wireless LAN service is bundled together with your traditional wired Ethernet service.

Who made this assignment? The communications or network liaison for your department provided CNS with this information. The name of the individual is included in the email note you received. If you do not know who this is, please contact CNS.

What do I do if I think the information is incorrect? Contact either your communications/network liaison or CNS.

What happens when I move? The communications/network liaison(s) in the applicable department(s) are responsible for providing this information to CNS. (See for a listing of network liaisons.)

Why do I receive email notifications? These emails serve as verification that you are aware of this association and to give you the opportunity to provide corrected/updated information, if necessary.

If you have any other questions, we encourage you to contact your Communications and/or Network Liaison. You may also contact CNS by calling 1-6460.

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