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What you need to connect to wireless at Virginia Tech

Students, Faculty, and Staff

1. Be registered for wireless service

  • Enrolled students are automatically registered for wireless service.
  • Faculty and staff can obtain service via departmental orders submitted on an Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR). Contact your organization's Communications Liaison.

2. Your Network Password

A Network Password enables Virginia Tech affiliates to connect to VT-Wireless when they are on campus and connect remotely to the campus network using the Remote Access - VPN service when off campus. Your Network Password is different from your PID password.

3. Connect to the eduroam network


eduroam is available across the Virginia Tech campuses. Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the eduroam wireless network, which will also enable Internet access at participating universities and institutions worldwide.

Once a device is configured for eduroam, there will be no need to manually authenticate with each access to the wireless network.

When connecting a Wi-Fi enabled device to the campus network for the first time, connect to the VirginiaTech wireless network on your device and open a web browser. The Welcome to Virginia Tech landing page should open automatically. Select Student/Faculty/Staff and follow the prompts to "connect to eduroam" using the XpressConnect configuration service.


If your home institution uses eduroam, you've already got wireless access at Virginia Tech! Connect to the eduroam wireless network and use your school's wi-fi authentication credentials.

Self-service guest wireless (non-sponsored)

Intended for short-term 'day' visitors with standard Internet access requirements, self-service non-sponsored guest wireless is a free service designed to accommodate most users, including parents, friends, and prospective students.

To register: connect to the VirginiaTech wireless network on your device and open a web browser. Select "Guest" and follow the prompts. After completing the registration form, you will receive an SMS text with your login credentials.

Sponsored guest wireless

University visitors, such as contractors, conference attendees, and vendors who may require longer access than the 9 hours provided by non-sponsored accounts can have a sponsored account provided by a sponsoring department. If you require longer-term service, please consult with your university contact to discuss a sponsored guest account. Your university contact will provide you with login account credentials to use on the VirginaTech wireless network.

Non-sponsored Sponsored
Who needs it? Most guest wireless users Visitors with official university business needs
Allowed # of devices Up to 2 devices Up to 4 devices
Account active time 9 hours 24 hours or longer
Internet restrictions TBD none

Access to Sponsored Guest Wireless Web Application - ClearPass

If departments would like to become a guest wireless sponsor, please complete the Guest Wireless Sponsor Form and return it to Customer Support Services at mail code 0506.

Sponsoring departments can manage guest accounts with the ClearPass Guest Manager application.

Temporary Access

eduroam is the preferred network for Virginia Tech affiliates. However, students, faculty, and staff requiring only temporary wireless access may use the VirginiaTech network to login using PID and Network Password credentials.


Please report any problems by contacting the Customer Support Center at 4-HELP (4-4357) from any Virginia Tech phone, 540-231-HELP (4357) from any other phone, or through the web at

Manual Configuration Instructions

First, create your Network Password at

To connect to the eduroam network, follow the manual configuration instructions at 4Help.

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