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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am a faculty/staff member and want to register for the wireless network, what do I need to do?

    Departmental orders for wireless network service must be requested through your Communications Liaison, who will submit an Interdepartmental Communications Request (ICR). The ICR must be sent through the campus mail to CNS 1770 Forecast Dr. (0506) or submitted in person at the CNS offices.

  2. Will faculty/staff be charged for wireless service?

    Departmental orders: Faculty and staff who have a traditional wired Ethernet connection to their desktop may obtain wireless LAN service as a complement to their desktop Ethernet connection at no additional fee. If you do not have a wired Ethernet connection, you may still obtain wireless LAN service for a monthly fee. Stand-alone wireless LAN service fees are paid by your department via an ICR form. Consult with your Communications Liaison and check the Registration page for more information.

    Personal orders: Faculty and staff who choose to personally pay for wireless service may register by faxing in a form. Check the Registration page for more information.

  3. I am a student and want to change the end date for deactivating my wireless network service, what do I need to do?

    Students must login to the Customer On Line Access (COLA) website to change their service settings. If you have trouble connecting, contact 4Help by calling 540-231-4357.

  4. I am a new or transfer student. How do I set up university wireless network service?

    New/transfer students are provided an account for wireless network service once they are officially enrolled. Instructions for connecting to the wireless network are available on the web.

  5. Will students be charged for wireless service?

    Students are provided with access to the campus wireless local area network as part of their Student Services Fee.

  6. As a student, can I set up a wireless router in my room?

    No. Students are not permitted to connect personal wireless routers to the Virginia Tech network in buildings with Virginia Tech wireless service. Residents of Thomas and Monteith may connect a wireless router until the hall receives the service. Then it must be disconnected.

    Each residence hall room will have one active wired network portal. Residents may purchase an Ethernet switch from the University Bookstore or other vendor to provide more wired network connections.

  7. Can Departmental PIDs be used for wireless access?

    Departmental PIDs may not be used to register for wireless network access.

  8. Where can I find additional help?

    Here are a list of resources available:

    • VT Knowledge Base
    • Computer configuration - Customer Support Center (4-HELP)
    • Network Diagnostics (for network problems only) - call 1-6780
    • Registering Students - COLA and Student Network Services - call 1-3000
    • Registering Fac/Staff - Customer Support Services - call 1-6460

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