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Bagle-K Virus Aimed at Virginia Tech

Among the numerous computer viruses currently in the wild, the Bagle-K variant will likely cause confusion even if a user's computer does not become infected. Posing as “” or “,” the text of the note will indicate that some action must be taken or the recipient will lose their E-mail accounts. Please be aware that the central campus E-mail systems are *not* currently purging any E-mail accounts.

Anyone receiving E-mail notes as described above should include the headers and forward the offending E-mail to, where it may be traced and infected hosts may be identified.

Users are encouraged to manually UPDATE their Norton anti-virus software frequently, and NOT TO OPEN ATTACHMENTS unless they are expected and from a known source. The latest information on computer viruses at Virginia Tech is available on the web at:

If you don't have a system administrator to protect your computer for you, information on prudent practices for securing your computer may be found on the web at:

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