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Bogus Email from "" Domain

9 August, 2004, 2:13PM - There is a new virus making the rounds on campus. It arrives as a non-password protected zip file and expands into an html (Javascript) installer file and an executable file. None of the current anti-virus definition files detect this virus in either the zip file, the html file, or the executable file. The campus virus scanners and the campus Exchange server are now blocking zip attachments. These blocks will remain in effect until further notice.

27 July, 2004, 9:43AM - Campus mail servers are now allowing .zip file attachments.

26 July, 2004, 12:40PM - Bogus emails from the "" domain are being sent to campus users advising them that they're spamming people. The email contains a zip file attachment and asks the user to open it for instructions on how to keep their computer safe. The email is signed "The Team" or " User Support Team".

This email is NOT legitimate and should be deleted. Never open email attachments from someone you don't know! Even if you do know the sender, if you are not expecting an attachment, verify that the sender has intended to attach a file to the email. This will ensure that you do not open up harmful attachments.

Currently, campus mail servers are stripping .zip file attachments from all mail messages. Please check back here for more updates.

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