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Cellular Telephone Services and Equipment Now Available Through Communications Network Services

1 April 2003

Communications Network Services is pleased to announce that a new contract is now available for cellular telephone services for faculty and staff. The contract includes both cellular service and equipment and will be administered through Communications Network Services.

A consortium of providers led by Alltel provides the service. In Blacksburg, US Cellular will provide the calling plans. With the addition of Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS as roaming partners, one of the benefits of this new arrangement will be improved coverage. This is a feature exclusive to this arrangement for cellular service.

There are eight plans available including four in-state packages, one regional plan, two nationwide plans and a basic plan that allows subscribers to "pay as they go."

CNS anticipates that the benefits to the university will be coverage improvements, a "local" area that includes the entire Commonwealth of Virginia and Washington, D.C., and the opportunity for CNS to customize the billing to better meet the university's needs.

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