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Domain Servers to Change

CNS will be making some changes to domain name service in the next few weeks. THE VAST MAJORITY OF HOSTS WILL *NOT* REQUIRE ANY CONFIGURATION CHANGES. The following is provided just so you know what is going on.

Domain name servers have two primary functions. First is providing authoritative information to other name servers for the specific domains that are delegated to them. On our name servers, these include and the reverse zones for 198.82 and 128.173. The second function is to resolve domain name lookups for local clients. This is what you are configuring when you set up your clients to use our name servers and this will not change.

We will be adding a few new name server hosts to provide the authoritative name service for and we will no longer list the following name servers in our NS records:

We will advertise these hosts: 198.82.247.xx (not assigned yet)

DO NOT CONFIGURE YOUR HOSTS TO USE THESE NEW NAME SERVERS. The new servers will not do recursive lookups. The old servers will continue to function as they always have.

If you experience domain problems please call the VTOC at 1-6780.

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