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UPDATE (11:38am, 7/19/04): The email problems experienced late last week were resolved over the weekend. Mail is now being sent at normal rates, and all mail queued from the delay has been distributed.

One possible effect of the delay and subsequent recovery is that you would have received noticeably less e-mail (including spam) while the queue dissipated, and noticeably more e-mail as the system returned to normal operation. You may also notice some duplication of messages due to the way a slow acknowledgement on a SENT note is dealt with.

If you continue to experience e-mail delivery problems, please contact 4Help by filling out the online help form located at or by calling 4-4347.

Anyone sending e-mail through the mail system (for example, Eudora users) may have noticed a slow down this morning. E-mail is currently queuing on the virus scanners and is also being delivered very slowly. The university received an abnormally high amount of e-mail traffic overnight and we are still researching the cause for that.

No messages have been lost. We do not presently have an estimate on when delayed messages will be delivered to individuals' mail boxes. This is affecting WebMail as well as desktop clients sending e-mail. E-mail can be retrieved, but so little is being delivered most users will see nothing new for awhile. This does not affect Exchange e-mail users sending messages to or receiving them from one another. Messages sent from non-Exchange users to Exchange users **are** experiencing delays.

More information will be posted on as it becomes available. Systems Support staff are in consultation with the vendors (Sun and Mirapoint) about the issue.

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