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Avoid Unwanted Long Duration Calls

Recently, CNS has been made aware of some problems with computer modems not being disconnected.

Long Duration Calls

There may be occasions when you may notice extremely long duration toll calls on your phone bill. One common cause may relate to telephone lines associated with a computer modem. Often when users terminate or exit out of software used to transmit a fax or connect to a bulletin board, this may not, depending on the computer's configuration, actually disconnect the modem from the telephone line. Hence a long duration toll call may result.

Simply turning off the computer or modem does not necessarily disconnect the telephone line. Therefore, when completing a computer transaction using a modem, please reenter the communications software being used (i.e., XTALK, PCPLUS, etc.), and ensure that DISCONNECT is selected and entered. A common desktop application for Windows 3.1 machines is "Terminal" located in the Accessories group. By selecting Phone and Hangup from the menu you can actually "hang up" the modem. If a telephone is attached to the same line, it is a good practice to pick up the receiver after disconnecting and ensure that you have dial tone.

Reviewed September 1999

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