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Mexico Numbering Plan Change

13 November 2001

On November 17, 2001, Mexico will implement a numbering plan change that will, in effect, standardize the nation's telephone number from seven to eight digits. In most cases, the city code will be expanded from two to three digits to achieve an eight-digit numbering standard. Long-distance calls placed to Mexico will require the dialing of an additional digit in the city code.

These changes affect the codes and numbers throughout Mexico. For the convenience of university callers, the new dialing plan is listed below for selected Mexican states. Please contact the university operators at 1-6000 if you have questions or need assistance in placing your long-distance calls to Mexico.

Additional information is available from the Comision Federal de Telecominicaciones (Federal Telecommunications Commission). Please note that some content is provided in English, but the site is primarily in Spanish.


Examples of Dialing Plan Changes As of November 17, 2001


Current Dialing Plan
New Dialing Plan
Acapulco +011-52-7 -XXXXXXX +011-52-747-XXXXXXX
Cancun +011-52-9-XXXXXXX +011-52-983-XXXXXXX
+011-52-33-XXXXXXXX (no change)
Mejico, DF
+011-52-55-XXXXXXXX (no change)
Mexicali +011-52-86-XXXXXXXX +011-52-86-XXXXXXXX (no change)
+011-52-81-XXXXXXXX (no change)

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