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Memo: Review of Monthly Telecommunications Bills


May, 2005

TO: University Departments

FROM: Roy Smith, Director for Operations

SUBJECT: Review of Monthly Telecommunications Bills

Directors, managers, supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to review their telecommunications bills on a regular basis. Monitoring your monthly telecommunications bill will deter misuse and identify services that are no longer effective or no longer required.

The following are suggestions for reviewing your monthly telecommunications bills:

  • Individual users should review, sign, and return their monthly bills to their supervisor or other departmental resource to retain for future audit reviews. Be sure someone reviews the toll call detail for telephones that would not normally have long distance charges associated with them (i.e., conference rooms, labs, photocopying rooms).
  • Ensure all departmental personnel are aware of the general rate structure for toll calls. Direct dialed calls are least expensive, while calling card calls and operator-assisted calls may cost more because of vendor surcharges being included on non-direct dialed calls.
  • Ensure travel-related calls for university business (calling card or collect calls) conform to travel regulations. Personnel should review their telephone bills and verify each calling card or collect call they may have made while traveling. Personal calls made during travel should NEVER be charged to the University.

Specific information to assist you in the review of your telecommunications service and equipment statements can be found on our website at

As a reminder, use of telecommunication equipment and services at Virginia Tech is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy and Procedures.

If you have any questions concerning billing or suspected telephone abuse, please call Communications Network Services Accounts Receivable at 231-6460.

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