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Rate Changes for Telecommunications Services

18 July 2002

Communications Network Service (CNS) continues to work actively to provide the university community with the best mix of quality and availability of telecommunications services at a reasonable cost. Following is a summary of rate changes for various services. For more information, please visit our website at or contact CNS at 1-6460.

100BaseT Ethernet Service Expanded Availability
In response to growing demand from the user community, Communications Network Services is pleased to announce the expanded availability of 100BaseT network service. Increased capacity (or higher bandwidth) 100BaseT Ethernet connections are now available to Virginia Tech main campus offices.

The 100BaseT service adheres to the IEEE standard 802.3u and is designed to accommodate network-intensive applications. Desktop systems used by staff running Banner applications can substantially benefit from a 100BaseT connection. Please note that a 100BaseT connection at the desktop will not necessarily result in faster downloads from the Internet.

Setting up 100BaseT service entails a one-time $300 installation fee as well as a $10 monthly fee. Though it is currently available in most academic and administrative buildings, this service is not immediately available in all buildings. A "facilities check" is required for each order to ensure the service can be provisioned at the desired site.

Departments already subscribed to 100BaseT service will find lower monthly rates for the service went into effect as of July 1, 2002.

For more information about Ethernet connections, please contact Communications Network Services' Ordering and Provisioning staff at 1-6460.

100BaseT Monthly rate: Was: $75.00 Now: $10.00

Long Distance Calls
Direct-dialed domestic long distance telephone calls placed from university offices on the Virginia Tech main campus, the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center, and the Northern Virginia Center will be reduced from $0.12/minute to $0.10/minute 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The new domestic call rate is effective August 1, 2002, and will first appear on September 1, 2002 telecommunications bills. International call rates are unchanged.

Domestic Long Distance Call Rate: Was: $0.12/minute Now: $0.10/minute

10BaseT Ethernet Service
As you know, university has sought for many years to promote leading edge data services and has subsidized data services with long distance calling revenues. As long distance rates and revenues decrease, there needs to be a corresponding adjustment for data services. Accordingly, the monthly service charge for 10BaseT Ethernet service will change from $7.50 per portal per month to $7.75 per portal per month, effective August 1, 2002. These charges will appear on the August 1, 2002 telecommunications bill.

10BaseT Monthly Rate: Was: $7.50 Now: $7.75

Directory Assistance
Effective July 1, 2002 CNS will adjust some long distance directory assistance calls to correspond to rates being billed to the university. Currently, the only affected locations are non-United States territory area codes. These calls are dialed: (area code)+555-1212 and will be charged at $8.49 per call. The area codes affected are: 242 Bahamas; 246 Barbados; 264 Anguilla; 268 Antigua & Barbuda; 284 British Virgin Islands; 345 Cayman Island; 441 Bermuda; 473 Grenada; 649 Turks & Caicos; 664 Montserrat; 758 St. Lucia; 767 Dominica; 784 St. Vincent & the Grenadines; 809 Dominican Republic; 868 Trinidad & Tobago; 869 Nevis & St. Kitts; and 876 Jamaica.

Other long distance directory assistance calls are still billed at $1.08 each and local directory assistance calls (those dialed to 411) are still billed at $0.29 per call.

Departmental users may refer questions to CNS at 1-6460; students may contact 1-3000 or

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