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Summer Telecommunications Service Requests

As another academic year moves to a close, Communications Network Services (CNS) requests that college, department, and office administrators notify us as early as possible, if you plan summer renovations or moves which will require new or changed telecommunications services. Our workload is very heavy during the summer months and early notification facilitates scheduling and completing orders.

Please consider the following guidelines for submitting your Interdepartmental Communications Requests (ICRs):

For telecommunications work to be billed prior to the end of the current fiscal year:

Submit your ICRs by May 1st to allow us sufficient time to process them, schedule and complete the work, and bill the charges on your June 1st invoice.

For telecommunications work to be completed by the beginning of Fall Semester:

Submit your ICRs before the end of June. CNS cannot guarantee completion of the requested work by August 15, if we receive your ICRs later than June 30th.

Please share this information with those on your staff who place requests for telecommunications services to help CNS serve you in a timely manner.

The Interdepartmental Communications Request form may be accessed at:

Larger departmental moves and most renovation projects should be ordered via CNS's "Request for Estimate" form:

For more information, please visit CNS's Website ( or contact your CNS Ordering & Provisioning Team member at 1-6460.