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Telephone Fraud Alert

October 2002

Several [Commonwealth of Virginia] agencies have reported receiving calls from the Verizon Quality Assurance group, inquiring about a list of current telephone numbers. The caller states that Verizon had a computer glitch and now the Federal Access Charges are incorrect.

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) has confirmed with Verizon that no such problem has occurred and no survey is being conducted. Therefore, should you receive such a call, please be aware that it is a possible fraudulent call and a SCAM used to change your service or allow unauthorized billing to occur. Please DO NOT respond to or provide any information to the calling party. Please hang-up and notify Pam Seay at DIT, 804 / 692-0716.

Per the industry experts, telephone fraud costs an estimated $4 billion each year and is growing. New scams are introduced everyday and therefore, agencies should caution their employees about providing sensitive and critical information to anyone outside their own agency.

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