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Team Wins XCaliber Award

This article was originally published in The Spectrum

The interdisciplinary team that created a CD/web course titled "Engineering Cultures Online: Building Global Engineers Through Multimedia Technology" has been awarded the XCaliber Award for Excellence By a Team Teaching with Technology.

Led by Gary Downey, professor of science and technology studies, and Mark Harden, manager of Video/Broadcast Services, this multimedia initiative's main goal was to help engineering students learn to work with people who use different approaches to problem solving. Through the use of multimedia CD's, streamed audio and video, and web-based course management, students travel virtually around the world, examining how engineering knowledge has varied over time from place to place.

The CD includes six modules, each based on a country's perspective of engineering. The CD's represent France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Russia and other former Soviet countries and the United States. Through these modules, students learn to recognize and value the diverse perspectives of other cultures and eras. The flexible modular design of the CD's makes them easily adaptable for a number of educational settings and purposes.

The other award recipients are Jeff Dalton, Bryan Hey, Lance Huff, Doug Whorley, Brent Jesiek, Thomas Bigley, Chris Hays, Jonson Miller, Jane Lehr, Donna Whitmarsh, Heather Harris, Theresa Jurotich, Amy Nichols-Belo and Wyatt Galusky.Harden and Downey are accepting the award on behalf of the team.

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