Communications Service Network

Voice Mail

Initial Instructions

  1. Press the message button (envelope icon) to access voicemail
  2. To access voicemail when away from your phone, or off campus to voicemail dial 231-1000 (Northern Virginia Center users: 703-538-3740) and then press the # key; you will be asked for your extension and then password
  3. You should have received an initial default voicemail password along with your new phone.  If you do not have the initial password, contact your communications liaison or the Network Operations Center at 231-6780
  4. You will be prompted to create a new password to replace the default password and to set up your mailbox.  Your password will expire annually and you will be prompted to change it.
  5. If you forget your voicemail password, follow the Voicemail Password Reset instructions below.

Unified Messaging

To receive an audio file of your voicemail messages in your email inbox, follow the instructions to setup Unified Messaging

Voicemail Decision Tree

Voicemail Password Reset

If you have forgotten your voicemail password, you can email a request to reset it to or contact 4Help online or by calling (540) 231-4357 (1-4357 on campus).

Communications Liaisons needing to reset an account or retrieve voicemail messages for someone else must submit an Information Release Request form.

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